Are Your Teeth Falling Out?

When you think about stress, you probably don’t think about your teeth falling out. Right? Well, don’t worry. My teeth haven’t been falling out due to stress. But I have had a strange number of dreams about my teeth falling out, missing, or breaking off.

The “dream experts” say that dreams about teeth could mean a variety of things. For example, Dream Moods , a website that is something of a dream dictionary gives a few different interpretations:

  • The Greeks apparently believed that dreaming about nasty, decaying teeth meant you had a loved one that was sick or possibly about to kick the bucket.
  • The Chinese say “No, no, no… if your teeth fall out in dreams, you are telling lies!”
  • Other interpretations say that losing teeth in a dream represents finances. All that hoo-haa about the Tooth Fairy.

However, like a newspaper horoscope, this and other sites cover just about every variable in the hopes that just one might satisfy/apply to you and your situation! But what does it really mean?

I only know that when both of my grandparents died, a dream about my teeth wasn’t far behind. When my grandfather passed away, the dream had my teeth falling out so fast I didn’t know what to do with them. And not just that, they grew back in and fell out again and again. What’d I do with them? I couldn’t let go of them for some reason, so I stuffed them in my pockets.

With my granny, the dream centered around just one tooth. It wouldn’t come out but it needed to. It just kept chipping away. All these shards of teeth were breaking away. It was such a painful dream that when I woke up, I had a toothache as if I’d been grinding my teeth all night.

So perhaps, the Greeks had the right of it? But then…no one died when I had my last tooth-related dream. So maybe it is all about finances and the tooth fairy? And since we all know I just don’t tell lies, that means the Chinese theory is out.



So what’s the right answer? Well, here’s what I think.
Maybe it all depends on what’s going on in your life. Maybe it depends on how you feel about teeth in general. Maybe it’s not something you were ever meant to understand. Your mind has it’s own ways of dealing with problems. You’re more than welcome to spend valuable hours trying to interpret your dreams or freak out about what it could mean.


You could just go to a cheap online dictionary and have someone tell you exactly what they think your dreams mean. And if that reassures you or gives you some peace of mind…well, then what harm’s been done?

But as for me? Well, I’m going to just think about a conversation I had with a friend about teeth. About how I could be a possible character in a William Gibson book. And since I found it humorous, I’ll share the exact dialogue with you:

Derik: A character with just that backstory (teeth dreams) would be great in a William Gibson book.
Me: Why is that? I’ve never read anything of his.
Derik: It just strikes me as being the kind of non sequiteur thing that he’d have in there. He has incidental stories about characters who are suddenly killed as part of the main story.

Derik: Heather with the teeth dreams would be a girl you met on the subway, muttering to herself.
Derik: Or maybe she’d run a seedy dive called the Molar Bar.
Derik: “You want to come in? Let me see your teeth. Open wide.”

So…until my next teething dream, I just won’t worry too much about what it all means. Maybe I’ll take up bartending.

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MistiApril 29th, 2007 at 3:31 PM

I am telling you, that dream is related to stress in general. I have had it a lot throughout life. Especially the one where they fall out, grow back, and fall out some more. I have had it when i am stressed cause of school, over moms health, and after the death of a loved one. It is a wide variety of stress for me. I hate the damn thing. I wake up and like check that my teeth are still there.

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