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Any time I have a lengthy conversation with a person, there’s a pretty big chance that we’ll come around to discussing books we’ve read. I’m a writer, so I read. And that’s one of my favorite hobbies. It’s not surprising really to hear the words, “Do you read much?” come out of my mouth.

I love the opportunity to introduce people to books that have really moved me in one way or another. Even more, I love it when they come back and say, “You were right, that was a great book!” And then we talk about why.

Well, this is a great chance for me to push my favorite Fantasy series.

It’s by an Australian writer by the name of Kate Forsyth (although, that’s pretty obvious ;P). There are six books in the Witches series (the imagine above shows the cover of Book One)and I highly recommend each one. The characters in these books are more alive than most I’ve read. Forsyth’s world is so in-depth, that you could almost believe it was real somewhere.

The series follows a young girl named Isabeau (a witch in training) on a dangerous journey through a land where magic is forbidden and witches are put to death. Alternate viewpoints come from her guardian Meghan and her twin sister Iseult.

But for the men out there, don’t be dismayed. This story has it’s strong male characters and they’re just as exciting to read about. Lachlan, Dide, Connor, Jorge, and many others.

I won’t blab out a story summary because I don’t want to reveal anything. It’s more exciting when you read it without knowing what to expect!

However, if you’d like to read a summary, you know you can go to Amazon. I will however link you to Amazon for one reason. This is one of the books that Amazon gives you a sneak peek into. So here’s
HERE’s your chance to read the first couple of pages!

Forsyth also has a new book coming out called, The Heart of Stars . It’s Book Three in Rhiannon’s Ride, her latest series. This series fits in well with the Witches series. It’s basically about the next generation of characters, though some of your old favorites still make appearances. Check them out!

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  • The only female-centered fantasy books I ever enjoyed (as a young teen) were the Patricia C. Wrede books in the Enchanted Forest series.

    Kate Forsyth reminds me of C.S. Lewis, and not in a good way.

  • Keep up the good work.

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