The System is Broken

This image from Despair, Inc. is both amusing and frustrating for me. I once worked at the Service Desk at Wal-Mart, and as you can probably guess, it was oftentimes a nightmare. People can be rude, hateful, and downright nasty when they don’t get their way. It was at times like that I’d like to stop answering the phones, stop taking complaints, and just sit back with my Nintendo DS playing poker with Luigi (if only they would have let me do something like that). However, having worked a customer service job like that, it’s also made me appreciate the position when I’m not in it. I go out of my way to be courteous to anyone in customer service because they shouldn’t have to put up with jackasses. I know I didn’t like it, so why be the type of person I hated dealing with? And typically, these CS associates tend to be more willing to help you when you’re polite, respectful, patient, and understanding.

So why am I getting no response now?

I graduated from college in May. I received my transcript in late August, I believe. By September, I was contacting the school because my minor in Japanese wasn’t showing up anywhere, and I wasn’t sure why. As far as I knew, I had done everything required to earn the minor. I’d certainly taken all the classes the checklist said I needed.

I was polite with my correspondence, friendly in tone, etc., etc. And here I am, in the new year, almost 5 months later and my last email has gone completely unanswered. I took a 19 hour semester load, including TWO japanese classes where I agonized night after night in an attempt to do everything for all my classes. This made even more difficult by the pages of translation or composition I had to do for Japanese. I enjoyed the hard work because I was learning something new and complicated. I was proud of myself because I was earning a Minor in Japanese.

I understand that these people are busy. I’m currently working in the same type of setting, helping students and such. I know things can become hectic and sometimes get lost in the mix. I’ve been patient with polite inquires only once every few weeks asking about the progress. I’ve contacted both departments and both say the other is the one responsible. Arts and Humanities offers the Minor, I declared it with them, but apparently Journalism has to send them some paperwork. Journalism says they’re waiting on A&H for something.

I don’t care what’s going on, but I’d like to be informed. I’d like to know what needs to be done. Either tell me why I can’t get the minor, give me a solid reason that I can accept despite all my hard work and effort, or tell me it was a recording error and I do have it, after all. But…


I didn’t rack up student debt so I could be denied the things I paid for and worked my ass off for. I have a steady 8-5 job that prevents me from making it to the school’s offices before they close to deal with this in person. I can’t make it there and back in my lunch hour either. I will have to take time out of my schedule, lose pay, and irritate people I work with so I can find a way to get up to OU and fight with two offices on opposite ends of the campus.

Your system is broken.

I am an unhappy, unsatisfied customer who has been ignored. You fail at Customer Support. The next time I contact you, you will know I am angry, and I will feel immeasurable guilt afterwards at having turned into one of those jackasses that I hated so much. Thank you. Thank you so much.

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