Brat-halla: The Norse Godlings

Ragnarok forever looms in the distance and the Norse Gods must be raised to meet the challenge! That’s right… raised. In this graphic adventure, the Norse gods are still riding out their childhoods. The All-Father Odin and his wife, Goddess of Wisdom: Frigg, must find the strength to face the youthful exuberance of their children: the tiny Thor, speedy Hermod, tracker Heimdall, twins Hod and Balder, the pacifist god of war – Tyr, and the trickster Loki – who has been forced to relive his childhood once again.

While the Norse myths are full of tragedy and death, Brat-halla is a lighthearted comic that pokes fun at the different gods and their quirks. The story is well-written, though sometimes jumping back and forth between points of focus which can be slightly confusing. The art is fantastic, as well, with a style in the vein of serious comic books but with more of a laid-back atmosphere. The flow and framing of the comic are done nicely, making the comic easy for the eye to follow and captivating at the same time.

The story itself follows the antics of the young gods from having the terrifying Hel as their babysitter to training for and participating in the Pantheon Games, during which we get to see more of the rivalry between the Norse Gods and the Greek Gods – including Balder and Aphrodite’s swimwear competition. All of this leads up to Thor’s loss of Mjollnir (the mighty hammer) and the subsequent journey to retrieve it.

It’s a long-standing web-comic that dates back to the winter of 2003 and is continuing to be updated even now. This shows incredible staying power and determination by both the author, Jeffery Stevenson, and the illustrator, Seth Damoose, and also, the colorist, Anthony Lee (who I believe replaced a previous colorist who maybe lacked that staying power?). These guys have made an awesome product that I’m sad I’ve only found this late in the game. I hope if you haven’t heard of Brat-halla yet, that you’ll take a look now and see what we’ve both been missing out on for such a long time.

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