Portal: You Can’t Lie ABout The Cake And Eat It Too

Now that my computer is new and improved, I’ve been doing a lot more gaming than usual.
Last night I beat Portal. I know Portal is fairly in the past, having come out around two years ago, but I’d heard such good things about it that I still wanted to play.

It’s probably the first game I’ve played in the style of an FPS where there were no enemies rushing at you to blow away. I’d call it more of a first person puzzle game, or an FPPG. ;) I’d played a flash version prior to buying the real thing and it just wasn’t very good. So, I had a slight resistance to Portal, a game with no baddies, in spite of all I’d heard from friends about how good it was. I was fairly sure I’d end up hating it or that it’d be too difficult for me.

Turns out that I really enjoyed it. Portal does require a bit of thinking. But I never once got so stuck that I felt like giving up and quitting. There were three stages that took me a bit longer than all the others, but I eventually figured them out, with only minor levels of irritation. The best part of the entire game has to be the snarky computer voice that follows you through each stage. She was thoroughly amusing…

Solving the puzzles in Portal came to me more easily to me than I was expecting, likely because the puzzles aren’t all that difficult. However, my main gripe about the game isn’t really the game’s fault. While playing Portal, you sometimes have to fall into a portal from a very high place and then when you pop out the portal on the other side, you have built up momentum and in order to build up even more, you create and fall through another portal before you hit the ground. Well, during all this falling and passing through all these portals…your body, or perhaps I should say field of view, twists and spins all over the place. (Or perhaps it’s all how I handle my mouse and looking around; I am a full-blown FPS newbie.) But due to this, I came down with a strange case of motion sickness.

I’ve never gotten motion sickness from a game, TV, or a movie before, so this was a new experience for me. In the end, my stomach was just so upset that I was forced to take breaks whether I wanted to or not.

In any case, it’s a great game and a lot of fun. I recommend it.
I wouldn’t buy it expecting to be kept busy for very long, though.
I played it for two days, only because of the breaks I had to take to settle my motion sick stomach. Most people report having beaten it in only a few hours.

If you never play the game, at least enjoy the Theme Song.

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