Up and Running…

I’m back! I’ve been busy the last few weeks. I moved my blog over to its new home here, which gave me headache after headache. But I’ve solved the major problems, finally, and I think it’s all finally up and running. As for the rest of this site, well…it’ll come along. I’ve just recently gotten a brand new computer so I’ve been a bit preoccupied.

But let me tell you…
HTML is a finicky little language. I don’t know any more than the basics and those I’ve learned on my own, I’ve never taken a formal class or read any professional texts on the subject. I created my first web site when I was thirteen or so and it was a fan site (the contents of which shall remain a mystery to all of you), which consisted mainly of information and pictures. There wasn’t a lot of structural work, it was a simple layout.

I can say now that with the rising popularity of CSS and multi-columned layouts, creating a web site is much more work than it used to be. I created my first web site from scratch…I tried that again this time around, but it’s so much easier to take advantage of some of the free tools available to you on the internet.

I hope to get back into the groove of regularly updating my blog. I hope everyone is effectively redirected from my blogspot location. If you haven’t checked out the homepage yet, which seems unlikely…. Take a peek! You’ll see that I’m all set up on Twitter. I’ve set up a link to my Flickr, which I hope to add more to. I have links to some of the best web comics I’ve read, which I highly recommend. They vary in content, so if one subject isn’t to your liking, try another. You may find one you really like.

I’ll also be updating my “portfolio” soon, adding some writing samples and possibly a snippet or two from my novel, which I’m preparing for submission. So keep checking back! Hopefully I’ll get some work done and start making some progress very soon.

Hope to see you back again! And link your friends!

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