To Buy or Not To Buy?

Let’s start off with a simple question:

Can you tell the difference between the two versions of these products?

Don’t you think it’s becoming more sensible to not buy a new product when it comes out on the market, but rather wait for the second or third “generation” of development? Isn’t that when the product has all the really convenient features?

I feels like the first release is more of a Beta product. It’s not nearly ready but they release it that way so they can get an honest response, so they can study and improve the easy way. Instead of taking the time to do tests and research and marketing studies to have the item ready before release.

Wasn’t this the issue with Microsoft’s Vista? NEVER get a Microsoft Operating System until it’s been out for a while. They have to run through all the problems, update to newer versions, etc. etc. And then and ONLY THEN will it be a decent OS. I realize that you can’t account for all user issues without releasing it first, but I think that’s less likely to be an issue with things like the Kindle or the DSi or even Apple’s iPods. And now the Kindle is releasing yet another version, this time with a wide screen so you can read the newspaper easier with it. Hell, you go out and pick up a REAL newspaper for 1.50 and you can unfold it til it covers your entire tabletop. That wide enough for you?

Lately, it’s made me think that if some new fangled device came out that I really wanted, I wouldn’t buy it. At least not until it’d been through one or two releases and version numbers. That way, I’m not buying something for $300 or more that won’t even be getting the “good” features until it’s 3rd version.

I bought a Nintendo DS when it came out, it was vastly different from the Gameboy SP that I had. It was a great upgrade. Then they released the damned DS Lite. That felt like a slap in the face. So I traded my new DS in for a slightly used DS Lite at a Gamestop. Will Amazon or Apple give you the option to trade-in when you find out their next release will be twice as good as the one you already bought?

And what’s worse…these releases are happening faster, closer and closer together. You’re barely getting the time to use the project and enjoy it, before it’s time to upgrade at full price. I mean, hell, I used to think it was hard waiting on a hardback to come out in paperback so I could carry it around with me easier. Now you have to NOT buy the gadget you’ve been saving for because they might release one even better in the next few weeks.

At least add in some MEGA changes that make it worth the hassle…

Doesn’t anyone see a problem with this? Or are we such a devoted consumer nation that we don’t care? I think we’re being ripped off, slowly. And you know someone out there is getting rich off all us idiots who keep running out to buy the next new version of the same old product without any real, significant changes.

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