Crazy Stuff! Who comes up with this…

Today, I’ve come across 5 items that I’d like to share. So, let’s begin:

  1. attitudechair

First of all, we have the “Attitude Chair” as designed by Deger Cengiz. You can see it here at Voos Furniture.

I have to admit, I think it’s a pretty neat little idea. I once leaned back in an old plastic lawn chair and the legs folded in on themselves and I smacked my head against a brick wall on the way down. So…If I had a chair like that, I’d use it. But not for $500, which is how much the Attitude Chair is listed at on Voos. I think I’ll take the bump on the head over paying $500 for a chair that doesn’t even look that comfortable.

Next, let’s go with the USB Vacuum as seen on Catalog Favorites. This one is great because I have no idea why you would ever need usbvacuumsomething like this unless you’re a total slob who eats lunch at your desk. Ad really… how much could it suck up?

I think there’s a strange USB craze that’s sweeping the Gadget Community. I’ve even heard of mini-microwaves powered by your usb port – although, I can totally see where that one would be really useful.

If you really wanna see what I’m talking about, check out the Top 10 Weirdest USB Devices, which includes a foreman grill, some kind of fuzzy slippers…? A pair of heated gloves, a self-destruct button, and….well, maybe I should just stop there. Click the link, you’ll understand.

squeez-bacon Third! The Squeez Bacon! How weird can you get?

I’d never heard of bacon in a squeeze bottle before. I really shouldn’t be surprised. Not after visiting This Is Why You’re Fat. It’s truly amazing what people will do with a little bacon.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a true country girl, and I loves me my bacon, but… I think I’ll stick to real strips that require stove-time (or at least a microwave visit).

But our innovative (I guess?) Squeez Bacon comes to us from our friends at Think Geek. Because Bacon in a Bottle totally screams…Geek?  I guess that one surprises me.

showertrap That’s right. Fourth is a girl trapped in her inflatable shower curtain. You’re not seeing things wrong. It’s not a strange prank gone horribly wrong. It’s a new “Green” item, conserving water to save the world! Yay!

Except, doesn’t it look really scary and kinda dangerous to you? This crazy idea is property of Elisabeth Buecher who has dubbed it her Green Warrior.  This honestly looks like an accident (and a law suit) waiting to happen.

The notion is that the shower curtain, which she calls a “Trap”, gives you only so much time to shower before it surrounds you, putting an end to your vile water usage. I just hope this warrior doesn’t kill anyone anytime soon.

pingpongdoor1Finally, the coolest thing I’ve ever seen… a door that is also a ping pong table. Who was the genius behind this? If I could, I’d shake his/her hand.

I love ping pong but I don’t have space for a ping pong table. If I could just get my hands on one of these doors, my dilemma would be solved! I could ping pong the night away with my awesome door.

This one comes from Fubiz but the post seems to be in French, possibly, so I have no idea what it says. It may tell you that it’s not a real product and also that the cake is a lie, I just don’t know.

If his door costs as much as the Attitude Chair, then at least it’s worth it. After hours upon hours of pinging ponging fun-despite the fact that the game boils down to mindless repetition-it might actually pay for itself! Somehow… Or we can pretend it does. Cause it’s that cool. You should totally agree with me.

And for a little added weird bonus: go to Flickr and search for “241543903″

Trust me, it’s the strangest internet phenomenon you’ve ever you’ll see today.

**********UPDATE: August 14th*********

I was just informed that the Squeez Bacon product was actually just an April Fool’s Day item… In a way, I find myself saddened by this information. How the world seems suddenly deprived. But in lieu of this sad development, I have found a replacement: Bacon Salt

I’m pretty sure this one actually does exist. The site looks legit, anyhow.

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