The Ground Moves in Oklahoma

richter Oklahoma City, Okla. – 10 Minor earthquakes shook the ground in Central Oklahoma over the last 24 hours. Though news portals can’t decide on the actual number, they are consistent in the range: 7-10.  The strongest of these reported earthquakes reached a 3.7 Magnitude on the Richter Scale.

In related news, China was also hit by an earthquake on Friday. Now, China is roughly 14 hours ahead of us, so that means it actually happened around the same time as our little baby quakes. China’s quake registered at a 6.4 on the Richter. There weren’t any casualties reported – but I may have been reading the wrong news portal. They’re in such agreement, after all.

But no, though I use news writing format to make this post a mockery, I am really interested by this news. I’ve always known that Oklahoma experienced small earthquakes, it’s a natural occurance everywhere at very minor levels. But the fact that we had maybe 10, maybe just 8 (who knows) in the last 24 hours alone – all strong enough to actually be felt and sorta shake your house just a bit – that’s pretty interesting.

In Geology, we learned that a semi-truck driving down the road will actually feel the same as a very low magnitude earthquake: I forget the number exactly, but probably something like a 1.0. The point is that we are very rarely even aware that the ground is quaking all around us. It’s only noticable when it has the potential to cause damage.

I just wonder what’s happening in the ground below us right now. What changes could be triggering one quake after another in an area that generally NEVER feels them at all. And is it global or was the larger quake in China just a timely coincidence?

I wonder if any Geologists are getting excited right now, thinking the exact same thought?

But really, my next thought is… Why didn’t I pay more attention in Geology. Do China and North America share tectonic plates?


(Image from National Geophysical Data Center)

Well, after asking Google that very question, I found this colorful image. It does kind of look like the two countries might share the same plate. They’re not exactly separated from one another, if you look up there at the top by Alaska.  (I hope everyone knows where China is on a map.) That would kinda help explain why both Oklahoma and China had earthquakes on the same day.

It’s food for thought, anyway.

Let’s just wait and see if this little state has anymore quakes today.

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