HAPPY 09-09-09!!


Wow! Today’s date is 9-09-09!! That’s so cool. It’s a historic day, today! Years from now people will ask you, “Just what did you do on 09-09-09?” You better make it a good day. Better catch up on the worldly events today, so you can tell everyone what was happening around you on this day. For example, are you up to date on your Robert Pattinson-Kristin Stewart gossip? (They might or might not be real lovers – as if it matters. Who gives a flying rat’s ass?) What about the latest Jon & Kate (with their not-so-important-to-the-media-eight?) news? Did you know she turned down an offer from Hugh Hefner to pose nude in Playboy for $400K (that ‘K’ means thousand, if you didn’t know.) That’s news-worthy, right? *SCOFF*

So what else is in the news today? The new, digitally remastered Beatles box sets, of course. Because, I mean, who wouldn’t get excited about 20+ year old music being re-released. I mean, it’s not like you’ve heard it or anything. Oh? What’s that? You’ve heard them all? What do you mean they haven’t changed from the originals? There are no new special effects? No magical rain-drop sounds that invade every 8th note? (Sure, like I know what I’m talking about.) Really… on such a special day, 09-09-09, we have nothing better in the news?

Well, on a slightly more interesting note, there’s an article that discusses the results of a recent ADHD study. It’s now a biological fact that people with ADHD have discrepancies in the levels of dopamine regulating proteins in their brains. Sorta throws out your argument that “everyone” can have ADHD when it’s a “convenient excuse”, huh?

And of course, Fred is enjoying this great day, as well. You know….Fred? Hurricane Fred? Yeah… that guy. He’s romping around in the Atlantic. They just grow up so fast. Here he is a Category 2, already. Those terrible 2′s…. Ah, well, as long as he stays in his play-pen and doesn’t come bother us, right?

I guess on 09-09-09, it’s a trend to report the news before it happens! *GASP* For instance, President Obama is scheduled to give a speech on the health care reform issue tonight. And yet, here it is in about half a dozen articles already. What can you possibly be talking about? He hasn’t even said anything yet! Quit speculating! That’s not NEWS! On a related-note, did you know that 6 in 10 young Americans are FOR the reform and 6 in 10 senior citizens are AGAINST the reform? Interesting…. Maybe 09-09-09 is the mark of a vast change in the ideologies of the two generations? Maybe I’m full of BS… Only time can tell.

And of course, on the Tech side of things, what’s topping the news on this 09-09-09? Hand held gadgets. As usual. Because cell phones, E-readers, and iPods are revolutionizing the world. Granted, they are pretty damn cool now. I’m just getting tired of reading news articles that say: “The new [insert phone brand and model] now has [insert chosen feature] that the [said brand]‘s last model didn’t have last week!” Wooo! A new phone feature every week that warrants an entirely new model release!! Yay! This goes back to a prior post I’ve made about “To buy or not to buy?” Why waste your money when your product will be obsolete in a month or next week?

All in all, I hope you can say you did something exciting on this memorable day. Me? Just work and home. Nothing exciting for me. But do as I say, not as I do. Isn’t that how these things usually go? And while I’m making demands: don’t read tabloids, they only make you dumber; don’t read beauty magazines, they only make you feel ugly!

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