Day 8 – Success!

happy_puppyI have written a total of 17,001 words! That’s right, baby! I’ve broken past the 50 page point!


In fact, I’m sitting on page 57, and I’ve finally gotten out of the first setting. I’m sure there will be a TON of revision to take care of once I go back. I’m terrified to even GLANCE at it right now. I cower just at the thought of re-reading the last few sentences the next day in order to figure out where I was. I just know the minute I start reading what I’ve written, I’ll die of embarrassment and revulsion.

It’ll be like…. like a run-in with a Boomer on Left 4 Dead. I’ll be dealing with the most disgusting, sloppiest writing ever! But on the bright side… I now have 17,001 words that I didn’t have before. I actually have the sloppy writing to deal with – which is definitely a HUGE step up from a blank page. It’s a bit hard to edit that.

I give my shout outs to fellow NaNoWriMo-ers. Hope you’re all doing well, and if you’re not doing so well, hang in there! Week 1 is officially over! Only 3 weeks left to go! You can do it! (I hope I can do it… O.o)

And while it’s still early in the month, I’ve a letter I’d like to read out:


Dear Thanksgiving,

I know you’re a very important time of the year, and I know it’s a time for family and friends to come together and eat…oh, and give thanks. But I’d like to ask one simple favor this year: don’t get in the way of my writing. I do expect to eat my fair share of turkey, but I ask that you not lace it with Nyquil this year. I do so need to stay awake that evening as there’s writing to be done. Yes, even on the holiday. And Thanksgiving, if you could…I’d like a magical time-turner that will allow me to eat at all the family functions all at once. That way I’ll be utilizing my time in the most effective way possible.

Alright, so I know that one’s not very likely – but why does Christmas get to be the only season for miracles? Huh? I think it’s time you fight back, Thanksgiving.

And with that, I close out my letter.

Please see to it that this month’s holiday be as quick and painless as possible.

Yours Truly,


That is all.

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