Kukuburi – A Web-comic by Ramón Pérez

2007-08-21-kukuburi Nadia is just an average delivery girl until she steps through a very ordinary white picket fence that leads to a very extraordinary world.

This review for KUKUBURI by Ramón Pérez is going to be very limited. The reason being, I haven’t the slightest idea how to explain this web-comic. However, I will say that it’s highly entertaining nonetheless.

The story seems to revolve around Nadia, a human, who is in a world inhabited by strange creatures of various animal/monster/creature origins and this world has a villain, naturally, that just so happens to be a skeleton – who has his own evil posse of flying manta rays. Apparently the world is like… I dunno, created from Nadia’s mind? Or maybe her imagination can create things here? Somehow she’s bringing monsters to life – some that she’s drawn sketches of in the past. Somehow she’s got some kind of special power in this world.

Now…visually speaking, however, the pastels rule this world – or at least the palette of this world, anyway.

And speaking of visual, this is a very visual comic strip. I think it’s very unique. At first I found myself wondering how far I would make it before giving up (I typically don’t care for lots of fluffy pink and cuddly anything.) But I was quickly enjoying the art style, even though some of the rest of what was happening  seemed to be confusing me. It has a very Dr. Seuss feel to it in some ways. But as I kept going, my curiosity got the better of me, Kukuburi sank its hook into me, and I stayed.

It seems to be a rather short web-comic thus far, even though it started in 2007 and is still updated today. Or perhaps, it only felt short because I was flying through it so fast. It’s very easy to read, the speech bubbles are short and to the point and each of the panels are so simply illustrated but give so much detail at the same time.

Even if you don’t read the comic, flip through the panels and just admire the artist’s work. It’s creative and beautifully colored.

If you have a few minutes (maybe a lot of minutes) and you want to see something colorful and stunning with a fun story attached, then take a moment to check it out. I mean, who wouldn’t love a comic that gives a girl a lizard and a snail as sidekicks instead of a typical kitten or some kind of cute talking robot?

Seriously. It’s pretty. Check it out. CLICK ME TO GO!

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