The Zombie Hunters


The Zombie Hunters

What if you woke up to find the streets filled with the wandering undead? Your home is your sanctuary no more and it won’t be long before they’ve found their way inside.

Now what if these zombies were created after a person infected with a disease died of natural causes? Perhaps there are no undead in the street, just healthy-looking people like you. What if they carry the disease and you can’t tell one from another? The people will die and you’ll never know which might rise again as blood-thirsty zombies, eager to devour your flesh.

That’s the concept behind this web-comic that I just stumbled upon: “The Zombie Hunters.” (Click to begin reading this comic!) Except, in this world, the infected are treated as humanely as possible, although they are forced to wear armbands or badges alerting the public to their status as infected individuals. Just in case.

The military urges the uninfected to treat the unfortunate infected with the same respect they would want to receive. Still, the infected are closely watched creatures, though still human at this point, following a strict set of rules in order to protect the safety of the normal populace, including a nightly curfew.

This comic surrounds a team of Zombie Hunters, who enter the danger zones in order to retrieve supplies and goods for the uninfected people. They make such ideal zombie hunters because they’re already infected. There is less risk of sending them into the swarms of undead.

This comic started back in 2006 and the last update was this Monday, so it’s still an active comic. (Yay!) The content could be considered mildly offensive to some, mostly due to the language and, I guess if you’re real twisted, some zombierotic nudity of the rotting flesh variety (though there are so few examples that I almost didn’t mention it at all.) However, the comic does give itself an -R- rating.

As you can see in the image, taken from the gallery on the website, the art is very well done. The comic is up to 222 strips, I believe, and is divided into 8 chapters. The characters, all with the exception of Charlie, are based on real people – which you can read all about in the Cast section.

I stumbled upon this comic entirely by accident, but the art and the story drew me in and held on until there were no more pages. I’m a fan of zombie movies, both Left 4 Dead games, and I suppose, the notion of zombie entertainment in general. I have my brothers to blame for this.

Because of that interest, I found the comic highly entertaining. The characters may be based upon real people, but I feel as though I was watching them develop as the story progressed. And as a writer myself, I’m going to assume that this is the case. You can’t write a real person – they’ll inevitably become a character of their own. That’s simply how it works.

In addition, the dialogue is so smooth that it truly feels like something you would hear on the streets (filled with zombies or not.) In this case, I think the vulgarity adds to the realism. I know it will bother a lot of people, but I’m so desensitized to that type of thing that I don’t even bat an eyelash at it anymore. There is a lot of emotion to be found in the panels of this comic, even when there are no characters present. I think the artist (Jenny Romanchuk) does an excellent job creating the atmosphere and emotional setting with her landscape/scenery panels.

You should check out “The Zombie Hunters.” I give it a good recommendation, so you know it won’t be a waste of your time! Right? ….right?

***NOTE: If you haven’t read it yet, keep an eye on the hat when you do……  :D That’s all!

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Comments (2)

GaryDecember 5th, 2009 at 2:46 PM

You should add that onto your web comics’ widgets. It is a rather good web comic. I like the style and each character really has something to offer. The one liners are hilarious. The vulgarity is totally acceptable; after all it is a zombie comic. It flows so well that it feels more like watching an animation than just reading a comic.

HeyIGotYouTheseDecember 5th, 2009 at 3:54 PM

Nice review! This is an interesting concept, since it isn’t just a small group of people blowing zombies away (although I do LOVE the L4D games). I will definitely check this out more, great find!

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