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So, there’s this web-comic, right? It’s about nothing… Seriously. There’s a character who has no name, and he’s in a place where nothing exists. Well, nothing exists except him… and this other guy… and this beam of orange light that will melt your flesh off.

I’ve wanted to try my hand at creating  a web-comic for a while now, but I’m not sure I’d be dedicated enough to maintain a regular schedule for updates. I’ve also been unable to come up with an idea or a story line or any characters that I actually like.

As soon as I read the first couple strips of Blank It, by creators Lemuel Pew and Aric McKeown, I realized the genius tucked away in it. Why didn’t I think of something so clever?  A comic with no setting! It’s brilliant! The story is absolutely as random as you can imagine, but it’s random in a totally entertaining and hilarious way.

You never really know what’s going to happen to these characters. You never know what’s going to appear in this realm of nothing or how long it will stay. You never know if something that went away is going to come back.

The humor in this comic is great. This is high quality stuff right here, folks. The characters, who eventually name themselves Lemmo and Aric, compliment one another perfectly.

It’s hard to say anything about a storyline that isn’t really there in the conventional sense. But this comic, through all its randomness, does have some kind of forward-moving progression that leads you from one comic to the next flawlessly. There’s no looking about you in confusion as you try to understand how you ended up where you are after that last strip. But they achieve this without leaving any clues as to where the characters are going to end up next. This mastery of unpredictable outcomes while still maintaining a sense of pacing and story is what really makes this comic a great success.

Now, as far as the art goes, I think its really crisp and clean. I absolutely love the colors that are used, and maybe it’s the striking contrast with the empty, white backdrop that makes them pop as much as they do. Whatever the case may be, the comic is visually stunning. The characters are drawn with such personality and expression, that you are able to immediately relate to them and empathize with their unusual situations.

There’s an active commenter community on the site that I rarely ever notice on other comic sites. I usually read the strips, back to back to back, without even sparing a moment for the comments. I usually don’t agree with the comments or else I just get bored with the same “Great job!” comments that I’m sure the artists and writers actually love. I’m not saying you should stop praising them! That’s not the message here!

What I love about the comment section on this comic, however, is the community guessing game that seems to be taking place. The comic is so unpredictable that the readers have taken to guessing what will happen next. I enjoyed reading the speculations that were made and then clicking onto the next comic to see how it really played out (and whether or not anyone was right.)

This is a highly entertaining comic, and I recommend everyone hop on over and give it a read-through. Blank It – by Lemuel Pew and Aric McKeown.

And bookmark it! It’s not done yet, and you don’t want to be missing any updates.

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  • Your article leads me to Blank It. So far, I read a single strip but at least it gave me an idea about the style of the creators. I had read some books dealing with cartooning rules. Setting as the pros stated, is equally important and it should be in the script. I don’t know, but I think I’ve already came across comic strips having “blank” settings. Or maybe they are implied. I think the humor and plot counted a lot more than the rest.

  • OK… I started from the beginning, but I must be missing the genius of a comic with no setting. Perhaps it takes an empty head to appreciate the empty setting. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :)

    I went back and started reading the comments, and I agree with you, the comments are rather entertaining. I appreciate you bringing it to my attention.

    Best wishes,

    Jordan M.

  • I found the idea of web-comic was very exceptional. Actually i am very much into this.

    However, since i am not yet an expert at this field, it would be great for to use ‘Blank It’ as the free comic media. By this, it can save my time to create or to construct the whole plot of the comic. What I need to do just create ‘simple plot plan’ and then build the story easily.

    What a great breakthrough and such the first step of learning for a newbie like me. :) Regards.

  • I think this web-comic is really unique. Like what you’ve said above it has entertaining with a touch of humor. I agree with you that creators are genius. They may intentionally make this comic without a storyline, so it won’t end up.

    Anyway, it’s just my opinion ;)

    Have a great day!

  • Oh my gosh! This is such a unique idea! I am sure no one has ever thought of it! It is very mysterious too. I am already wondering what the orange beam of light is. Strange! I will read on!

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  • This made me snicker for a long time.

  • Regards for sharing Blank It – A Comic Experience | My Synonym with us keep update bro love your article about Blank It – A Comic Experience | My Synonym .

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