Final Fantasy XIV – In Progress…

Okay, so I’ve noticed that my review on Final Fantasy XIV has been getting a lot of traffic. I guess that makes sense with all the things that have been going on with it recently.

I decided I should make an update regarding the game.

I played the game after it’s release for a solid week or two. I was super excited about it. However, the more I played, the more frustrated I got. For starters, there was no auction house. There was no way to filter through all of the player-set-up  shops short of running from retainer to retainer to retainer…

I make this post just to address my one concern: that someone will or might go out and buy this game expecting great and wonderful things because of what I’ve written, only to be immensely disappointed.

This game isn’t yet what I was hoping it would be. I’ll be honest about it, I quit and went back to WoW without ever reaching level 20 – there was just very little to keep me in Eorzea.

The last newsletter I got from Square, stated that they’ve just dropped the development team in favor of a whole new crew of people – they intend to make changes, improvements, and to basically fix everything that failed with this game.

There was so much potential and yet, someone dropped the ball.

I had initially said that this game had something of a learning curve and if you could deal with that, you’d enjoy it. I have to eat my words. It was fun for a while.

When you realize that the crafting set-up is confusing as hell and more of a hit-or-miss guessing game, you start to get pretty irate about the whole situation. When you realize that every quest is “Go kill 10 of these and return,” you realize that you’re just out on yet another grind-fest.

Initially, the game was promising: it was beautiful, easier to interact with than FF11 had been, and yet, it was stripped of some of the fundamental elements that made FF11 pretty good. I hear that the free-trial is being extended until they figure out how to fix the game, so I guess you can give it a try and see how you feel about it.

I hope to try the game again once the new development team has had their hand at it. Hopefully, then it meets some of the hopes I had for it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and in the meantime, I’ll busy myself with the beta for DC Universe Online and the new Cataclysm Expansion for WoW.

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